Monthly Archives: August 2014

Time Card introduced for Traffic Control during Floods

Prohibitory Orders u/s 144 on NH37 & Time Card for 2014 Floods

The Kaziranga national Park authorities introduced Time Card System (TCS) at Amguri Anti-Poaching Camp in Burapahar range for all vehicles coming from Guwahati towards Bokakhat; and at Pub Haldibari Anti-Poaching Camp in Central Range for all vehicles going from Bokakhat towards Guwahati. Temporary check-posts on the NH37 has been erected at several places from Haldibari to Amguri. The system of time cards was officially launched by Sri Rakibul Hussain, Hon’ble Minister, Environment & Forests, Govt of Assam on the 16th August, 2014. In this system all vehicles are being issued a “Yellow card” which mentions the time of entry of the vehicle at the check-point, and the time it should take to reach intermediate and the final destination check-post at the other end. The yellow card is finally collected at the other check-point. 

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