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Kaziranga Closed for Tourists Now

Jeep Safari To Close Down from 15th May, 2015

This is for information of general public and all concerned that the Kaziranga National Park shall remain closed for Jeep safari from 15th of May, 2015 until further notice. please note that Elephant Safari was already closed from 1st May, 2015 until further notice.   The Park Authorities shall, however, not be responsible for any loss or damages arising out of the closure of Safari.

The Park is likely to reopen  with Elephant Safari and limited access Jeep Safari tentatively on 1st November, 2015. All are requested to visit this Portal for further information in future.

Participate in the Discussion on ESZ of Kaziranga

Participate Now in Public Opinion on Eco-Sensitive Zone of Kaziranga

We have now made available a Forum for eliciting public opinion from stakeholders on various burning issues/ topics on Kaziranga National Park and Kaziranga Tiger Reserve. You can access the pubic forum from here. You can also download documents related to the topic. If you have any written suggestion, advice, or any file that you want to upload, you are most welcome to do so.

Please note that this forum is subject to provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000, Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 and the Rules made thereunder or any subsequent amendments thereof. The Park Authorities do not take any responsibility for likely damages, pecuniary or otherwise, if any, caused by any opinion expressed by the public on the forum.

Request for healthy participation for better future of Kaziranga. Your opinion matters to us.


Director, Kaziranga National Park

Eastern Swamp Deer Population Estimates 2015


Press Release Dt. 4Th May, 2015

The Kaziranga National Park authorities conducted the Eastern Swamp Deer (Rucervus duvacelii ranjitsinhii) population estimation exercise from the 1st to 4th May, 2015, wherein counts of the Eastern Swamp Deer (ESD) was done on 2nd and 3rd May, 2015.  The first day was kept for training and briefing. The second was for actual counting. The third day was kept for sample recheck and recount of blocks. Tabulation etc. was kept for the 4th day.

In this Eastern Swamp Deer population estimation exercise spread over 20 blocks in the 4 ranges namely Eastern Range, Central Range, Western Range and Burapahar Range,  a total of 20 enumerators, 20 independent observers and 20 elephants were engaged in the operation.  In this population exercise, GPS, Binoculars and digital cameras were deployed to assist the enumerators for better observation.

The Eastern Swamp Deer population has been estimated at 1129 ± 63 at 95% Confidence Level. The break up of the estimation in various age/sex categories is given below:

Adult Male Adult Female Yearling Fawns Total
328 569 122 110 1129

The Population estimates for the ESD was 854 in May, 2014

Kaziranga National Park

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