Administrative Map of KazirangaThe management of the Park is vested with the Director, Kaziranga National Park, Bokakhat. The Divisional Forest Officer,Eastern Assam Wildlife Division,Bokakhat is the executive officer responsible for execution of all the developmental works as well as the protectional works. He is assisted by two Assistant Conservator of Forests. The Park area is divided into four ranges viz. Eastern Range,Agoratoli, Central Range, Kohora, Western Range, Baguri , Burapahar Range, Ghorakati ,Northern Range, Biswanathghat each under a Forest Ranger to look after the anti-poaching activities and other developmental works. One independent Beat office is functioning at Bokakhat to look after the affairs outside the Park area. The Ranges are further sub-divided into Beats, Sub-Beats and anti-poaching camps which are situated at the periphery and inside the Park for smooth functioning and the anti-poaching activities.

Besides, the Veterinary Officer looks after the domestic elephants of the Park as well as for treatment of wild animals, captive animals etc. and the Wildlife Research Officer looks after the matters relating to Research and Education, under the Divisional Forest Officer.

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