Park Entry Rules


Entry Timings:

The Kaziranga National Park is normally open from 1st November to 30th April annually. It remains closed for visitors from 1st May to 31st October.

Elephant Safari Timings: (Kaziranga Range/ Western Range/ Burapahar Range): 6.00 AM to 7.00 AM & 7.00 AM to 8.00 AM. Timings and shifts are likely to change due to local weather conditions. Elephant safari may be canceled due to any reason by the Park Authorities without prior notice.

Jeep Safari Timings: (Kaziranga Range/ Western Range/ Eastern Range/ Burapahar Range): 7.30 AM to 10.00 AM in the morning. No entry after 10.00 AM. Thereafter, 1.30 PM to 3.00 PM in the afternoon. No entry after 3.00 PM. Each jeep safari trip is of about 1½ hours to 2 hours, subject to local range conditions and weather. Jeep safari may be canceled/ curtailed due to any reason by the Park Authorities without prior notice.

The following Rules apply for entry to the Kaziranga National Park:

All entries of visitors to the Kaziranga Tiger Reserve to be recorded (later by dedicated 24X7 CCTV cameras, ANPR systems). The entry and exit time of each vehicle to be recorded at the gate manually/electronically. The following checks shall be applied at the entry point:

  1. To check if driver/ visitors are in inebriated condition

  2. Driver/ visitors in inebriated condition not to be allowed

  3. Alcohol Breath Analysers may be used to detect persons entering the Park in inebriated conditions.

  4. Identity check (Each individual/ Group to fill Entry Form prior to entry into the Park)

  5. In time recording

  6. Out time recording

  7. Check for any plastic bottles/ eatables

  8. Warning for not littering the Park

  9. (later… Check for Arms and Ammunition using DFMD/ HHMD/ frisking / X-Ray)

  10. No arms are allowed inside the Park.

  11. Entry/ Exit regulation systems to be placed for comfort of visitors

  12. (later…Emissions from vehicles shall be checked and recorded.)

  13. (later… Depending upon maturity of the system, each visitor (above 10 years of age) may be given an Identity card valid for a day/week/month/ season depending upon the requirement)

  14. Advisory to Visitors:

      1. You enter the Park at your own risk.

      2. Obtain valid permit before entering the Park.

      3. Pay requisite fee only.

      4. Do not overpay or bribe or tip any staff on duty

      5. Wait for your turn at the Jeep/ Elephant Safari or at the counters

      6. Wear inconspicuous Khaki / Olive / Gery clothings. Bright clothes such as white/ black / red are not advisable

      7. Drive slowly

      8. Speed limit is 20 KMPH only inside the Park

      9. Animals have the Right of Way.

      10. Grant long distance passage to the animals

      11. Maintain silence. Please remember this is not your home.

      12. Please keep your mobile phone in airplane mode/ switch off/ silent mode.

      13. Leave the Park before sunset.

      14. Please do not enter in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Park.

      15. Please do not carry pets, transistors or musical instruments inside.

      16. Do not blow horn

      17. Do not drive vehicles off the road

      18. Do not overtake any vehicle in the front. You may hit and injure some animal. Injury or killing of animals invites harsh penalties such as imprisonment of 7 years under the Wildlife (Protection) (Assam Amendment) Act, 2009.

      19. Do not disembark from vehicle or move on foot. By doing so you shall be putting yourself at great risk.

      20. Do not disturb or tease any animals

      21. Do not smoke or kindle fire inside the Park. This may invite provisions of the Wildlife(Protection) Act, 1972.

      22. Do not throw trash inside the Park.

      23. All tourist routes inside the Park are kuchha (earthen/sandy) roads, and may cause considerable dust. Tourists are advised to take precaution against dust/ dust allergy.
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