Tourism at Kaziranga

Where to Stay?

The Kaziranga Tiger Reserve has a few Forest IB (inspection Bungalow) and Guest Houses which are primarily meant for forest officers’ accommodation. Subject to vacancies, the available accommodation may be offered to others visiting the Kaziranga Tiger Reserve.  The proceeds of the room rents go to the Kaziranga Tiger Conservation Foundation (KTCF), and the Linen Charges go to the Kaziranga National Park Staff Welfare Society (KNPSWS), both of which are registered entities of the Park Management. the KTCF is a registered society established under section 38X of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 under a notification of the Government of Assam. please visit KTCF pages for more information. The KNPSWS is a society registered under the Societies (Registration) Act 1860 by the Kaziranga National Park management for benefit of the staff of the National Park/ Tiger Reserve. The IB/ Guest Houses are:

  1. Heritage IB, Kohora
  2. Forest Guest House, Kohora
  3. Forest IB, Bagori

Apart from these there are a  fair number of  other private accommodations (Hotels/Resorts) in & around Kaziranga National Park.

Click the link below for list of some of the accommodations available:

What to See?

Kaziranga National Park is a gift of nature to mankind, and a must see for very one. Kaziranga offers you experience of the wild which is unique and becomes a part of your life time memory. You can enjoy the beauty of the Greater One Horned Rhinoceros with its majestic body and its charismatic horn, see herd of elephants and some most magnificent tuskers (if you are lucky!). You are sure to come across herds of Wild Buffalo with their magnificent horns. These are some of the last populations in the wild. You would also come across herds of Hog Deer, Sambar and Swamp Deer. You would surely come across the rich avifauna that Kaziranga boasts of. Its a paradise for bird-watchers (please do not forget to bring your own binoculars). You could also come across wild boar, Hog Badgers, Porcupine. Red Jungle Fowl, Kaleej Pheasnt and Swamp Francolin could also be spotted, if you have sharp eyes and strong hearing. If you look towards the sky, you may be able to spot Pallas Fishing Eagle, Hornbills and Cranes in flight. And if you are lucky enough, you might as well come across a tiger or two.

You would be amazed by the unique habitat which is a mix of wetlands, grasslands (short and tall), woodlands, cane-breaks and highlands. The rich biodiversity with a mix of herbs, shrubs, grasses, creepers and trees is worth observing.

How to See?

Elephant Safari:

Elephant Safari is available only in the early Morning session (timings 5:30 am to 7:30 am). The safari is typically for an hour only. Tickets for the Safari, currently, need to be obtained the previous night from Kohora Range on payment of requisite fee. There are two Elephant Safari points in the Kaziranga National Park, one at Mihimukh in the Central (Kohora) Range and another at Bagori in the Western Range. At Bagori, the elephants belong to private owners who have been permitted to carry tourists on trained elephants.

For Elephant Safari, tourists need to fill up the Elephant Safari Form.

Elephant Safari Advisory:

If one is suffering from back-ache/ spinal injuries, stiff joints, or is very old and infirm, or physically challenged, then the Elephant Safari should be avoided. Though every care is taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable elephant safari that one would remember for rest of his/ her life, there could be accidents or attacks by wild animals. However, such incidents are rare to come across.

Jeep Safari:

Jeep Safari is permitted on pre-defined tourist circuits within the Kaziranga National Park currently at the following four points:

  1. Mihimukh in Central Range at Kohora
  2. Bagori in Western Range at Bagori
  3. Agaratoli in Eastern Range at Agaratoli
  4. Ghorakati in Burapahar Range at Ghorakhati

Each of these circuits take about one and half to two and half hours (or even more depending upon interest of the tourists). No private vehicles are permitted inside the Park. The tourists need to hire authorized Jeep Safari Maruti Gypsy vehicles from the Jeep Safari Associations at Kohora and Bagori. These associations are run by the local unemployed youth of the villages on the fringe of the Park. All such vehicles entering the park must have valid registration with the Park authorities. Jeep Safari is a regulated activity, and vehicles are permitted only from 7.30 AM to 3.00 PM (or dusk) within the Park. Other than at the identified landing points (which are typically not more than one or two in each of the tourist circuits), no landing is allowed anywhere along the circuit [You get down at your own risk]. Every Jeep Safari vehicle or a convoy of them together are provided armed escorts. No unescorted vehicle is allowed inside the Park. [No tourist is advised to go unescorted either alone or in a group inside the Park]. You are required to pay requisite entry fee for vehicles (Jeep Safari vehicles), camera and video camera etc.

When to Visit?

The ideal time to visit Kaziranga is between the months of November and April. The Park typically remains closed from 1st May to 31st October every year.


Accommodation available in & around Kaziranga National Park 
Government Accommodation
Sl no. Name Address Telephone no/E-mail
1 Agoratoli Eco Tourism Resort Opp. Agoratoli Range Office, Kaziranga +91 97060 10838                                 +91 94351 10838                               +91 97062 92342 
2 Aranya Tourist Lodge Central Range , Kohora  +91 3776 262429                             Fax-: +91 3776  262677
3 Banashree Tourist Lodge Central Range , Kohora +91 3776 262423
4 Bonani Lodge Central Range , Kohora +91 3776 262423
5 Jonaki Kareng Central Range , Kohora +91 70867 32356
6 Jupuri Ghar  Kohora +91 9435843681                                   +91 94351 96377
7 Kunjaban Lodge Kohora +91 3776 262423
8 Oriole DRDA Guest House  Kohora +91 9954453843                                   +91 9706699631
Private Resorts & Hotels
  Name Address Telephone no/E-mail
1 Arimora Guest House 1 no. Kohora, Bogorijuri +91 9435597295
2 Bon Habi Resort 1 no. Kohora, Bogorijuri +91 3776 262675                                 +91 94355 04268,
3 Borgos Resort No.2 Sildubi, Kohora +91 7399041193                                 +91 7399041194                                 +91 3776262773   borgos @
4 Cottage Hrishikesh Kohora, Bogorijuri +91 99543 64952                                 +91 98599 78178                                 +91 98541 35725
5 Dhanshree Resort Kohora, Bogorijuri +91 99543 67860                                 +91 37762 62501
6 Diphlu River Lodge Kuthori, Near Bagori Police Outpost +91 8011418540                                   +91 8811036371
7 Green Reed Resort Kohora, Bogorijuri.  +91 8876108796                                   +91 9432590224                                   +91 9433450410
8 Hotel Kaziranga Continental Opp. ASTC Bus Stand,, Bokakhat +91 3776 268 101
9 Hotel Prayag Emerald Kohora, Bogorijuri +91 3776 262404                                 +91 8486567226
10 Infinity Resorts Bochagaon, Golaghat +91 3776 295271                                 +91 84729 22616
11 IORA-The Retreat Bogorijuri, Kohora, Golaghat +91 99571 93550                                 +91 99540 00444                                 +9199540 00555 /
12 Kaziranga Florican Lodge Kohora, Golaghat +919954246816                                   +9194352 50124 
13 Landmark Woods Kanchanjurie, Nagaon +91 99571 89228                                 +91 99571 89229
14  Manorama Lodge A.T. Road, Bokakhat +91 96784 14047
15 Namdang House Kohora, Golaghat +91 9678627546
16 Regal Guest House Kohora, Bogorijuri +91 99549 78699                                 +91 3776 262702
17 Santi Lodge Kohora, Golaghat +9194351 54298                                   +9196789 64123
18  Sarma Lodge Kohora, Bogorijuri +91 99571 66630                                 +91 98591 61027  
19 T.G Resort 1 no.Bogorijuri, Kohora +91 7896956326 
20 Tesco Resort & Restaurant NH 37, Bokakhat +91 97060 41650
21 United-21 Grassland Resort Harmoti, Bagori Range +91 88110 03988                                 +91 8811003991                                   +91 9954733991                       
22 Wild Grass Resort Bochagaon, Kaziranga National Park.  +91 3776 262085                                 +91 99544 16945
Private Home Stay
Name  Address Telephone/E-mail
1 Anabil Home Stay  A.T. Road, Bokakhat +91 99546 38477                                 +91 9954316190
2 Bora’s Home Stay Kohora, Bogorijuri.  +91 98649 48736                                 +91 87619 80713
3 Deutas Cottage Kohora, Bogorijuri +91 7896352518                                   +91 9854343683
4 Ekora Resort 1 no.Kohora, Golaghat +91 94351 52469                                 +91 3776 296255                                 +91 3776262555             
5 Kaziranga Guest House  Kohora, Golaghat. +91 99542 46816                                 +91 94352 50124
6 Rhino Guest House A.T. Road, Golaghat +91 98593 01604                                 +91 99570 08547
7 Sneha Bhawan A.T. Road, Kohora +91 99576 81234

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